Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunny Spring Ski

I had the best day skiing with Elizabeth.  When she woke in the morning she said 'I don't want to go skiing' and I was bummed but didn't want to push things.  Then 30 minutes later she asked if it was too late and could we still go.  So off we went and it was the perfect end to the ski season.  It was sunny, warm, we ran into friends and had a picnic outside.  The best part is when we got back to the car she said it was the best day EVER!

I had taken the video below but was hesitant to post.  Not quite looking as I did five years ago but then thought how can I not post a video from the 'best day EVER'.  So perhaps I am rounder and wrinklier but I can still walk out the door and run a 10k, ski a 25k and have the best day teaching my kiddo to ski.  Example for my daughter and for me.

GOPR0181 from kathleen mcgregor on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Driving home from work with the kiddos in the back Elizabeth says

"Mom I want to tell you something mean but I don't want to be mean and I am not a mean girl but there is a mean thing I want to say."

"OK well thanks for letting me know it will be hard to say but you can tell me anything." I    respond with great curiousity and slight trepidation.

"Mom, I don't like Henry.  He gets into my stuff and when I am playing games he gets in the way and ruins the games.  I just don't like him."

Oh sibling fun.  We have had a lot of conversations lately about it being normal to be annoyed by your sibling and we have been working harder to give her space away from her brother.  Keep in mind after skiing last weekend I offered to take her for a play date and she said she just wanted to stay at home and play with Henry.  So it is still many shades of gray. 

Friday, March 21, 2014


I keep forgetting to note the daily things that are happening especially with Henry.  He has hit so many milestones and is really at one of my favorite younger ages.  His word development is awesome and he babbles continuously.  When he is mad he sticks out that lip and then will just talk away talking very stern gibberish but at the same time you can reason him through some of his little fits which is nice.

His most used words are wavi (lovie), ouside, sissie (sister), caker (cracker) however he tends to say everything twice or as many times as it takes for you to acknowledge.  If he doesn't know the word he gets his point across like dragging his highchair into the kitchen when he is hungry.  His favorite activities including opening a door, closing the door and then getting stuck in a room, going outside, going up and down stairs and his scuttle bike which he can maneuver at quite high speeds.  Lately his need to be outside is overwhelming.  He goes to the closet, while screaming 'ouside', gets his coat, still screaming, goes to the door and then continues to howl 'ouside'.  I now leave the sliding glass door to the deck open so he can freely roam out there.  It does mean that we turn off the heat and all have to wear coats but there is no screaming.

He is enthralled with animals, water, swimming and sticking his hands into dirt.  So very different from his sister.

I had a doctors appointment today and brought him with me.  He was a blast in the waiting room, entertaining all that were there but the minute we entered into the patient room he LOST it and was literally trying to get in and under my shirt.  Couldn't quite figure it out but then remembered Christmas time and his ER visits (plural).  I guess he has a good memory.  It was great though cause he is old enough that I can now talk him through it and he calmed.  When the doctor came in he just pointed at me each time she came close and he was fine and just gave her big eyes the rest of the time


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mazama Video Recap

medium from kathleen mcgregor on Vimeo.

One story I really want to remember happened while the Dad's were on duty and the Mom's were skiing from Mazama to Winthrop.

According to Jeff the older kids (Elizabeth, Lucia and Oscar) were all together in the TV room.  They came out giggling and said "We did something in that room.  Go in and see if you can figure it out.  HA HA HA."

Jeff walked in and almost immediately saw that the phone was off the hook and hung it up and said "Umm the phone is off limits.  What were you doing?"

Lucia announces "Oscar did it."

"Did what?"  Jeff asked

"Oscar called 911!" they announced with a bit less enthusiasm as Jeff is giving them the parental stare down.  Then the phone rings.

"Hello the is the Okanagan County Sheriffs office.  We received a call from your residence.  Do you have an emergency." said the caller.

Jeff reassured them that all was well.  Talked with the kiddos who continued to point to poor sweet Oscar as the one who masterminded this plan.  These girls are going to most certainly give us a run for our money one day if not already.

The killer part is as the Dad's were packing up to take all the kids skiing up drives the county sheriff.  They had to once again reassure and apologize. Jeff said to the sheriff "This is what happens when the Dad's are left in charge".  Apparently the sheriff was not really amused.

Oh my it has started!!