Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Happenings

 For my birthday I got a WeeHoo.  It is an attachment to the bike for Elizabeth where she can actually pedal along.  With Henry in the trailer we hope to now be able to have some fun long summer bike rides.
 Elizabeth has finally given up afternoon naps with the occasional relapse.  There is still mandatory 'quiet time' each day.  The only rule of 'quiet time' is that you can't bother mom or dad.  I am often amused to enter her playroom and see what has transpired in the hour of 'quiet'.  She is very busy.
 E and H continue to play together which I love.  The first few months of his life he found her overwhelming and quite loud.  He now thinks she is a riot and thrilled to have her makin' noise all around.
 In the past two days we have managed four play dates which might be a record.  Tomorrow is quiet family only day for sure!
 I think he might keep these hazel eyes?!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sun in Seattle

 Holy goodness of all that is pure we had an amazing weekend in Seattle.  It was 65 degrees in the city and 60 degrees at the pass.   There were easter egg hunts in the city and then a day in the mountains.
 We managed one last day in the snow and actually had 10 days of skiing this season.  That is a record for us.  Skiing in short sleeves is one of the true beauties in life.

 We are finally getting into the swing of family, work, sleep and playtime with two kids.  It has taken a bit to find our groove but I think we are getting there.  They are just sweet love together.