Monday, June 10, 2013


 We had a great weekend celebrating Jeff's 40th.  Saturday night we managed to convince a few friends to get babysitters and join us for a grown up dinner (term only parents use).  It was amazing to sit quietly for four hours with close friends enjoying phenomenal food. 

 Then on Sunday.  The actual big birth day we had a group of great friends over to the house.  A quote from Ken (who was not there):
'40 is the old young and 50 is the young old'.  So Jeff has decided he is just getting younger.
 The were a ton of kids and they were LOUD.  The trampoline and fort were quite popular.
 Those friends without kids left reassured about not having kids.  It was fun chaos but those kids are WILD.
 We feel continually blessed to live in this great place even if sweatshirts are needed in June.
 We might not be out having epic mountain adventures but life is still pretty fun.
 Thank you for a fun, committed, hard working, driven, successful, wacky and loving husband!!  Can't wait to celebrate his 80th.