Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday with Lila

Lila came over and spent the day. Having Lila for the day is really easy. The girls have soooo much fun together. We played tea party with Pooh while waiting for the rain to clear. Eventually realized that was futile and dawned our raincoats for a cold adventure walk. Yep summer solstice this weekend and we are still wearing our Wellies.

Friday, June 18, 2010

And Four Years Ago....

It is our four year anniversary today. The sun is out. Elizabeth had a wild morning playing with her friends Alice and Anneka. I am married to my bestest friend and lovin' every minute. Life is good. Now if I was just able to actually see my hubbie today.

The Zoo and a Birthday

Elizabeth loves the Zoo. All we have to do is head in the general direction and she starts screaming "Zoo, Zoo, Elephant, Zoo, Yessss" and then if we are really going there all sorts of joy explodes.
We also celebrated Jeff's birthday. It was really a pitiful celebration as the Birthday Boy was sick. Elizabeth was not phased and was quite excited to open his presents and blow out the cupcake candle. The funny thing is she actually does not enjoy cake. I thought I would try again but still it was a lick of the frosting and then she was done. I don't think we will ever have those photos of her with cake smeared all over.

Prior to Jeff's incapacitation, of which he is now cured, he did his first Tri of the season along with our friend Yvonne. The water temp... 57 degrees... not right!