Saturday, November 16, 2013

Life and Performances

At the McSpeert household we currently have limited use of the oven.  Please see below for reasoning. I forgot how quickly toddlers can destroy a house.  He is a little hurricane leaving drawers open and contents strewed though out the room.
 Lately E has enjoyed reading to Henry which is phenomenally sweet.
 He Ling, one of the teachers from YuChai, asked a few of the kids if they would like to perform a poem in a Chinese cultural even.  We all said yes without asking enough questions.  It ended up being quite a few late nights and practices some distance from home.  Keep in mind I think 5 miles is quite some distance.  We don't really leave our hood much.
 I was actually dreading the day as she was spent and there were two performance at 2pm and 6pm.  In the end it was an amazing experience.  The performance was in downtown Bellevue and the kids opened the two hour cultural event reciting a poem and doing a little dance while May, one of their teachers, played a traditional Chinese instrument.
 Elizabeth loved every moment and it didn't faze her that there were 200+ people in the audience.  It is interesting to see the things she is nervous/anxious about and the things she is not.  Performing on a stage in front of hundreds of people causes her nothing but joy.  Save us all but she is made to perform.  She was able to very quickly memorize the poem, the movements and when it was all over she asked if we were going to do this every weekend.
 It was great to have her together again with her YuChai school friends and especially with her teacher.
 Below is her teacher He Ling (who was a professional Opera Singer in China) along with her daughter May.  We are so lucky to have found met these wonderful people.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Tradition

 We did Halloween with Lila again this year.  Henry happily wore Elizabeth's old costume and was fascinated by all the kids out trick or treating.
 Elizabeth was a witch at school but changed into some dress up clothes for the evening outing.  Lila was a Ninja.

 Two blocks from us is a crazy Halloween street with hundreds of kids.  It was fun this year to recognize so many other families from school.
 It is very funny to me how much Elizabeth does not really care about the candy.  Don't get me wrong she loves a treat but mostly she just wants to play trick or treating.
 Photos below are Lila and E from Halloween pasts.  It brings me such joy that these little sweet girls are still such good friends.  I think it will serve them well in years to come to have this friendship outside of their school social circles.