Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mazama yet Again

 We again ventured to the end of the earth for a week of skiing with the Corvalis Crew.  It was perfection.  The older kids have taken off on their skis and it is awesome to watch. 

This year Carolina  exposed Elizabeth to her knitting addiction. Cute to see the older ones knitting together.
 The younger boys had their moments together and are figuring out play.

 Sledding was tons of fun for the little and big kids.

 The big boys built an epic sledding hill in the back yard.  The angle of the hill follows the straight down trajectory of the sled below.  The hill is basically a straight drop off a retaining wall.
 Not everyone was thrilled about the sledding.


 Having our kids go to Chinese school they never really did Valentines Day.  We forgot what a big deal Valentines Day is as a kid but we were certainly reminded. Elizabeth was thrilled for a week and could barely contain herself.  Making the cards for all her friends was so sweet.  Jeff was able to attend the class party and snapped quite a few adorable shots.
 She LOVES her teacher who is perhaps one of the most delightful, true and engaging individuals I have ever met.