Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She loves to read

Sometimes she sits in her chair and other times she will arrange all her friends on the sofa to read with her. She is still in charge. I am beginning to wonder at what age I should start letting her know I am actually in charge... am I already too late?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend in the Snow

Headed up to the mountains for a long weekend in the snow. The absolute highlight for Elizabeth was the plethora of bears in the cabin. There were multitudes of stuffed teddy bears and decorative bears. Her favorite was this 5 lb wooden bear that had a fish in its mouth. She hugged and cuddled with that pointy hard thing all weekend long. I kept thinking she was going to fall and smash her face into it.... no accidents.
Highlight number 2 was the snow man. Much discussion centered around 'snoma' and she constantly had to check outside to see if he was still there.
She has also changed quite bit from her first snowshoe trip last January... She is no longer burried deep in her carrier but instead is out enjoying the cold snow. Oh and mom you will be interested to know that her eyes tear in cold weather just like mine... both of us have chapped cheeks from tearing.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Things she does

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Sophie Speert. I love salsa. I say it like this "Saaallllsaaaa!' I like to have salsa on my chips and on my tofu. Mostly I just like to lick it off and the say "sallllsaaa" again. I am a culinary genius so also like to have salsa with my oranges and blueberries. Try it. It is good.
Oh and sometimes I have gas. When I have gas I pat my bottom and say "asssss asssss". I know this makes my my mommie and daddie laugh even though they try not to laugh.