Sunday, March 27, 2011

Visit from Aunt Sara and Uncle Nick

Aunt Sara and Uncle Nick came to visit this past weekend. Elizabeth was beyond thrilled and had a ball. There were visits to the park, kids museums, exploration of Seattle and fun crazy play around the house on rainy days. Of course we have few photos as Sara is a photographer by profession hence we leave the photo taking to her.
Finally on a trike ride today we busted out the camera to capture the visit. I'm sure there will be some professional photos to share in a few weeks. These will do for now.
We miss you already!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hotlanta Cousin Fest

Elizabeth and I traveled to Atlanta this past weekend. She has become the super duper traveler. When the flight attendant comes around she looks up in her big girl voice and says 'juice and pretzels please'. Well usually there is a please.

I have developed the habit of holding her leg during take off and landing. My thought is somehow she will fly out of her buckle but my single arm strength will hold her down against the 300 mile crash. Not logical but very mom like. This past time she placed her hand on her own leg and said 'momma I hold me own leg by meself'.

Aunt Laura and the girls made a fabulous rainbow cake together. Kathryn was turning eight and I am not certain why Laura is threatening her for her birthday. Put down the knife.

There was much crawling over, stepping and jumping on Uncle Bill.
Everyone had a chance to love on the dogs but not until mom was done cuddling. Same with the kids.

The park was the usual mode of getting their sillies out. I'm so thankful for Elizabeth's amazing cousins who both worked so hard to entertain and love on my little girl.

Monday, March 07, 2011

We had an amazingly gorgeous weekend and decided to head to the beach. Elizabeth was momentarily dismayed as she thought we were going to this beach (Maui in December). She kept saying 'Me want to swim and play beach like at the vacation condo house'.
After much explaining that no we are not getting on a 6 hour flight to Maui today but instead will put on our winter coats, woolly hats and umbrella (cause you never know if it will rain) and our sunglasses like at the vacation condo house. Won't that be fun? She was eventually convinced

We started playing at the beach and had a little surprise in store for her that brought the smile below to her face.
Our friends arrived and nothing is better than a play date. It brought Lila just as much joy to have Elizabeth there.
The girls had some brief quiet chatting on a log but that didn't last long.

There is sand at the beach and sand is meant to be laid in and
poured over your bodies. Seriously. We got home and found sand in ears, naval and bottom.
It might not be Maui but it will do in a pinch.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Weekend Long Playdate with the Corvalis Crew

Scott, Carolina, Lucia and Oscar came into town this weekend. It was our weekend of potty training so there was much demonstration involved by big girl Lucia. However I think that this portion of the weekend was a failure. Those folded arms are a defiant pose against big girl panties.

Despite this failure the girls had a blast together screeching, sharing dolls, and just smiling a ton. Caro made a comment about how kids smile and laugh so much more than adults. I can't remember the numbers but it was like we laugh twice a day but kids laugh five billion times. The nice part is when you are with kids you get to laugh right along with them all day long.
Little monkey man Oscar gets right in there. He doesn't get left behind and finds the girls a hoot to watch.

It is fun to see how play is evolving with them. They really play together now instead of the side-by-side play. They made games of hide and seek, coloring and reading books.
The reading was especially interesting to watch as they will share with each other little fun things in their books. I was telling my mom about our weekend. She commented that we are so blessed to have found our own family of friends out here in the Pacific Northwest. I can't wait for some fun Westie trips with them this summer.