Sunday, September 23, 2012

6 weeks and smiling

 Been a bit difficult to capture but he has started to smile.  Nice to get a little bit of positive affirmation.  We had taken to referring to him as 'our little bump on the log' but no more.  I love the 6 week mark when they start waking up and doing something.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Picnic Fun

We have had nearly two months of 80 plus degree weather with no rain.  A nice way to enjoy our new little man.  Jeff says September is his favorite month in Seattle.  Never count out the sun in September.  Great month!!                                                           

Henry's first camping trip

Henry had his first camping trip this weekend.  We went with two other families that go to Elizabeth's school and we had a blast.  It is great to just see the kids run free.  

 Jacob and Vivianne are biking experts and were a great influence on Elizabeth as she has been quite apprehensive.  By the end of the weekend she was taking off.  Yeah!

We were camping at a place that has old WWII bunkers which provided fun tunnels to run through and things to climb on.
 There was an amphitheatre where the kids gave many a performance.

 Do you like her turban? She complained that the sun was 'too bright'.  She is such a pacific northwest gal.  Jeff outfitted her with this head/shade wrap.  Then she peed in the grass and on her pants thus the winner of an outfit below.  We are proud!  Ha!
 Henry was there despite the lack of photos.  He spent most the weekend in the ergo and now wants to spend all his time in the ergo.  Always more fun in someones arms he says.