Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Sun will Come out Tomorrow

There is an obsession in our house with all things Annie. Was cute at first but we are getting quite sick of the soundtrack. She sings, hums and talks about Annie all day long.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


She says things daily that make us stop and laugh. She announced one morning "Momma chocolate make my belly feel good". She has fallen in love with the movie Annie but wants to make sure that 'Ms. Hannigan won't come here will she'. When asked about Annie she will declare 'I would actually really like for Annie to come to my house'.

The other morning with Jeff she wanted to eat breakfast on our high bar stool but he also needed to take a shower. She promised she would be fine so he reluctantly agreed, set her breakfast up, placed her on the high stool and went off to shower quickly. When soaped up he heard her screaming hysterically of course thinking she has taken a digger he ran in the kitchen where she immediately stopped screaming and calmly said 'I need a napkin'. She can be a wee bit dramatic at times. No comment on where that trait comes from.