Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nap Time

OK can you play where is Henry??  Can you find him.  And another thing.... who doesn't wish they had a nap time at work each day.  How civilized for sure.


Might have to cut and paste this into your browser to make the video work.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


On the drive home this week Elizabeth says 'Moomm??' in the way I know that she is very much thinking through something. 

Mom.  Life is not fair.

      Why is it not fair.

Well a long time ago, not as long ago as the dinosaurs but long ago, people who were black had to sit at the back of the bus.  Did you know about this?

      Yes.  Life is sometimes not fair.  It was very wrong that these were the rules.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a hero.  Did you know that mom.

      Yes he was.  That is why we remember him and how he helped us make life more fair.

There have been quite a few other comments the past week as she has learned about our MLK holiday and remembrance.  It is important we learn about our history and remember.  It is also poignant to watch her learn that life is just not fair sometimes.

Clouds in Seattle, Sun in the Mountains!

Guess who had her first day down hill skiing experience.  She did great and was able to make wedges down the hill.  Keep in mind there is little control at this point but she is figuring it out and most importantly had a great time.  Actually begged to keep skiing even after her lesson was over.  I was happy to oblige for sure.

 It helped that we went with Maeve and Shauna and that it is killing Elizabeth that Maeve can do the big lift.  Motivation helps.  It will be so fun when they are on level playing fields and we can all ski together.  Oh and yes one day I will have her carry her own skis but now the sled is king.  Right now I am still in the marketing phase of skiing and need to keep it fun.  Once fun then I will work her for sure.
Of course tonight when going to bed she whined that skiing was hard and sometimes scary and she didn't want to do it again and only wanted to cross country ski.  Alas we will see what she says in the morning.  Sleep changes perceptions for sure.  Just cross country skiing doesn't sound that bad either!


 Pops came to visit and Henry loved showing off his walking and his scuttlebug bike (gift from pops).  Henry has been racing through the house on that thing and is happy to run you over if in the way.

We have notoriously late walkers with both kiddos not walking until 17 months.  Henry didn't take off until a couple days prior to Pop's arrival but this made it especially fun for the visit.  Henry has been quite proud of his new skill and will puff out his chest with pride as he strolls across the room.
 Elizabeth was thrilled to put on quite a few performances for Pops and Henry was game enough to also dress up.  She also had a great time taking Pops to school to again meet her teacher.
 It was sweet also to see how Henry has warmed up to Pops.  I don't know if he remembers all of the visits from Pops but I think maybe so as he is very happy to spend time in his arms reading books or giving kisses.  Henry is sort of a reserved dude at times and doesn't go to everyone.  It is very sweet to see them bonding!  Makes me miss my mom but very grateful that I get to still have my dad to share my kids with.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


The last day of school before the break there was snow.  It all melted by 930 am but not to fear.  We were out there by seven and stayed until it melted.  Now if we could just get some freakin' snow in the mountains for some skiing!!

GOPR0100 from kathleen mcgregor on Vimeo.