Friday, August 23, 2013

Fort Flagler Rocks

 Fort Flagler, on the Olympic Peninsula, was our destination a couple weekends ago.  It was an amazing spot right on the beach with miles and miles of biking.

 Henry unfortunately had a stomach bug and didn't eat food the entire trip.  We saw a bit more of the face below but he was really quite a trooper considering.

 He did take quite a few naps which Jeff was happy to join in on.

Oh I don't want the summer to end!!!!!!!!

Yu Chai Birthday Parties - First and last

 August is very reflective and fun.  Jeff and I spend a lot of time reminiscing about the birth of our kiddos and how amazingly fast time has flown.  Elizabeth has a ton of fun celebrating the birthday's.
 Both of them had their school parties.  Henry was less then thrilled about the events.  Elizabeth made up for it though.
 Both Elizabeth and Henry LOVE Gui and their school.  The teachers are the only people Henry will happily leave my arms to see.  It is exactly what you want  in a day care. 
 I can not even stand that next week will be her last at Yu Chai.  She will be a young kindergartener but she is very ready.
 I just don't think that I am.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Sunday, August 04, 2013

And just about a year ago...

 Today we celebrated his birthday.  Really the celebration was for Elizabeth and he was just happy to go along for the ride.
 Elizabeth and I made him a cake which he was less than thrilled with.  He really wanted nothing to do with the cake.

 Elizabeth on the other hand was quite happy.

My parents gave E a trike for her first birthday and we broke it out today.  
He liked it just like she did five years ago.  It was fun to take him for a trike ride while she rode along on her bike.