Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Photos and School Thoughts

 The first week of school I was hearing things like "Mom I am ok on the outside but inside my heart is sad" or "can you kiss my hand so I have you with me all day".  This were tough comments to weather. There were no tears but obviously an adjustment.
 It has been just a few weeks now and things have changed.  This week her after school comments have included "Mom I am having a happy life" or "boy you sure picked a great school for me".  She is excited to go to school each morning and loves her teacher.
She is still pretty clingy with me right now which has required some balancing as Henry has retaliated with the same clinginess.  If I hug one then the other is desperately trying to squirm their way in.  E's comment was that 'maybe I get your right side and Henry can have the left'.  I am making time each day for just her and I to share together which helps.  Probably helps us both.
I am thrilled that she is loving school, that she has found some sweet friends and that she is even learning about her own strength.  At dinner last night she processed the past couple weeks in this long story about how she was scared in the beginning and now she loves school and she is proud of herself.  In the end I think I may be the one having the most difficult adjustment.  I miss her.  She is my pal.  She is fun.

Monday, September 09, 2013

First Backpacking trip

Elizabeth and Jeff went on their first backpacking trip this past weekend.  Jeff and Bruce have managed most years to escape for a trip and this year decided to bring along the kiddos and friends.   This group has been friends for over 13 years... long before kiddos, mortgages, careers.

 When the date was selected I don't think I quite realized the timing or the impact the first week of school would have on Elizabeth.  Friday night she cried that she didn't want to go and we were a bit concerned.  Then she cried five minutes later that she wanted to go for longer then the planned one night.  Sigh!  Luckily enough there were enough crazy fun girls and dads that it was a blast.

2013.09.08 Barclay 720p from kathleen mcgregor on Vimeo.

Can't wait until we can all go together back country but in my book that ain't happening until HK is done with diapers.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Happy Birthday E

Before school she did finally reach 5 years old.  She will be a young little kindergartener.  Luckily she was given school supplies to make it all happen.
Her birthday present for us was a day of fun which included her first kayaking adventure.
It was a raging success.  Henry and I nursed and played on the shore.  Don't quite trust him in the middle of a lake even with a life jacket.
She did have her first official birthday party with activities and tons of friends.

There was great joy and ended with a pink sparkling princess hero cape.  Success!
At the end of the day she said 'momma I love all the people in the world even the people I have not yet met.  My heart is all open.'

First week of school

The first day of school has come and gone.  It has been overwhelming in a way I did not imagine.  I am just missing my sweet little friend at home.

She has been processing so much and I am so happy that she is willing to process with us.  She asked me on the first day 'Momma at little school one time nobody would play with me... what do I do then?'

Her major complaint has been lunch time.  Her Yu Chai teachers said that meal times were to be quiet so food can be enjoyed.  Far cry from the huge chaos in the school cafeteria.  She said she wasn't going to eat lunch again.  HA!  She has way too much McGregor in her to ever miss eating.