Monday, March 15, 2010

And this is why we live in Seattle...

Our old home was a mile from Puget Sound and our new home is a mile from Lake Washington. It is a quick run or bike ride over a rather intimidating hill however this is our view from the other side. The mountains, the water and the sun in March. I love this city!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aunt Laura Visits

Laura came in town for a quick visit. We spent most of our time at the park. Elizabeth was thrilled to finally have someone willing to ride the roundie-round with her. That thing just makes me nauseated but Aunties are always willing to take one for the team. Laura was willing to try all the park equipment that I avoid. Unfortunately I imagine that our next park trip will involve lots of insisting I swing from, hang from and spin on various torture devices that are only for children and Aunties.

Elizabeth was initially terrorized by this blue slide. Have no idea why but she did eventually recover.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Daddy is Home

1 1/2 years old... so strong!

Nothing is the same for us since early 2008 and we remain overjoyed. Elizabeth is now 18 months and is daily doing something new (26 lbs/33.5 inches). She is a loving toddler and will always say yes to a cuddle. Towards the end of the day she will come, lay across my lap and pull at my hands. What she wants is a massage and she will lay their for quite a while as we rub her back and legs and arms.

She loves her trike, trailer, push stroller, slide, dolls, hugs, kisses, park visits, swimming and waving hello to everyone person we pass with a high pitched 'hiiiee'. She can spend upwards of 3 hours at the park leaving us exhausted.

She has discovered the word 'no' and uses it frequently. She also has a sense of humor and loves to joke around. If you ask her if she wants to ride in her trailer she will say 'no' but follow it with a mischievous grin as she runs towards the garage door cause the answer really is always YES. She loves to be chased and she will screach running around the house if you are hiding - this is a favorite game with dad.

If you ask her who loves her the answer is "mommieee, daddiee, and lila". Lila is her fav friend. Everytime, I mean everytime, we get in the car she asks if we are going to Lila's house.

We are simply having the best time with her, taking nothing for granted and loving every moment.