Thursday, August 30, 2012


Guess who turned four?  I can not even believe another year has gone by.  For some reason this past year has flown.  I sat that night and told her the story of her birth and silently promised to try and be present for every moment.  I wish time could just stand still for a bit.

Celebration number one was at school where she gave us a little performance with songs and poems.  So adorable.  

Came home that evening and she found a trampoline in the backyard.  As you can imagine this was quite the hit.  She even managed to get her Mimi on for some jumping.  In case you have not been on a trampoline in a while let me just tell you it is quite the work out.  Especially when you have a four year old that can jump for hours.

Celebration number two was a low key gathering with Lila and Anneka.  We had enough going on with a 2 week old so kept it all quiet although she was just as thrilled.  We ordered Thai takeout and had a Baskin Robin's cake.  It was so easy and relaxed.  I may do this every year.

Happy Birthday my sweet love of a girl!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It has been a whirlwind here of fun here in casa McSpeert.  Laura arrived the day prior to Henry's arrival and just made everything go.  She made curtains for Elizabeth's room, carted E around town, baked goodies galore, cleaned my house, moved a houseful of furniture to accommodate our changing of rooms,  and brought me to the hospital but first brought me to have a pedicure.  My legs were the size of tree trunks so at least my toes would look good.

Laura was the first person (outside of Jeff) to hold Henry just as mom was the first one to hold Elizabeth.  Laura handed him to me to breast feed just as mom handed me Elizabeth.  A perfect moment again!

We dream of having Laura move to Seattle.  We prod and annoy her to try to get her to move to Seattle.  We have succumb to bribery.  Thus far we have continued to fail but we shall not concede defeat.

Bill and cousin Kathryn arrived next and made a difficult week loads of fun.  It was an enormous weight off my shoulders just to know that Elizabeth was having the time of her life.  It allowed me to focus on the little man and figure out our new life together.  Kathryn is truly a dreamy little girl.  Alison came over one afternoon when they were here and she put it perfectly by saying 'Don't we want our girls to grow up as sweet and engaging as Kathryn'.  Yes we do and this is why Jeff and I often turn to Bill and Lisa for parenting advice.  They have most certainly done it right!

Virginia arrived the day Bill and Kathryn left.  I managed to not get a single photo of Virginia while she was here probably because I was keeping her busy the entire time.  It was great to pass her Henry and spend a bit more time focused on Elizabeth.  I was missing my little girl for sure!  There is no hope that Virginia will move to Seattle but it is very reassuring that one phone call and she will be here in a moment.  She is our family.

Notice the double chin.  He was born with a double chin!!

And what was happening the week before he came??

Napping (I was out and had no idea photos were taken)

More napping.  

Long walks in the heat trying to induce labor.

Realization that he was gonna be a biggin'!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Henry Keel Speert

Our sweet enormous hunk of a boy, Henry Keel Speert, was born yesterday weighing in at a gorgeous 9 pounds 11 ounces. 

He is named after some remarkable people in our lives and our hope is that this legacy will give him strength in life.  Kathleen's maternal grandfather was Henry and her mom, the last of four girls, was given the name of Henriette.  In high school she was actually called Hank by friends due to her tough tomboy nature.  She was an avid small boat sailor spending summers in the lakes of Iowa in her boat called 'Buoy Crazy'. His first name also comes from Jeff's paternal grandfather, Herman. Herman had an amazing sense of humor, was playful, generous and entrepreneurial. He was the grandparent Jeff spent the most time with and they had a very close and jovial relationship.

His middle name, Keel, is after our dear friend Keely who passed away this June.  The 'keel' is the underside part of a boat that traditionally was built first during construction. It provides the stabilization and strength that prevents capsizing. Jeff brought this to me and said 'isn't that just what Keely did for all of us'.  Her message to us all to be gentle, to be kind and to live life came from a glorious place of strength. She lived this message.

I hope our son is kind, gentle, strong and full of life.