Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camping Galore

We have been out of town every weekend since June and it has been nice. Just load up the Westie and go where ever it seems sunny which unfortunately has been a bit of a challenge this year. There have been some super rainy trips and some sunny hot trips.

Elizabeth loves camping and I think it is mostly cause she has both of our undivided attention the entire time. We are packed together in a small space and the goal is to chill and play. We find these great camping sites that have options for those rainy days like old military bunkers.

Elizabeth asked me the other day where the sun was and then quickly followed with 'even if there is no sun we can still play the same'. True enough!

Random Thoughts

She is growing so fast and I want to make it sllloooowww down. Things she used to say:
'Momma I don't want to ride on the highway I want to ride on the sideways'
'Oopsy doosie'
'Me name is Eesabes'
Now she knows it is the side streets, when she falls its an oopsy daisy and that 'my name is Elizabeth Sophie Speert and I be three in August'.

She continues to have a feisty spirit. When we ask her to brush her teeth or put her shoes away or hang up her coat and it happens to not be what she wants at the moment she will stick out her little index finger and shrill 'that is not good manners to ask that, that not good manners'. The other option we will hear is 'you make me sad, I frustrated about the brushing teeth and you make me sad momma'.

Actually most the time she is such a little trooper. She is sweet to her friends, worries about other people and loves nothing more then a mommy, daddy and Elizabeth day. Those are all of our favorite days.

Oh, and by the way, in the picture above she is wearing her 'pretty dress' at her request when we went out to eat and then needed to nurse her baby while dancing to the music.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer has begun!

Summer does not typically arrive in Seattle until July 4th. This year it was especially true and June was a difficult month of rain. Alas the sun has arrived and we are on the go.

If the temperature is above mid seventies then Elizabeth believes she must be naked and in some water. She will holler out to our neighbor 'Hey Pete I'm naked' as she runs in and out of the house. The first time Pete nearly fell off his steps laughing. The little things bring her such overwhelming joy... like being naked. She just giggles and smiles as she runs around.

This is the first summer she has had ice cream due to an allergy that is improving and she LOVES her ice cream. We tried these little ice cream things called 'dippin dots' which are small pellet size balls of ice cream. They are DISGUSTING. She was so excited cause we got the 'pink' flavor but quickly put hers aside and devoured our real ice cream cones. She has good taste.
We spent July 4th with Lynn, Sam and Anneka up in the mountains. We ran the girls ragged until they collapsed at night allowing the grown ups some much deserved relaxation. We swam, hiked, biked, played in parks and went to mountain concerts where the girls danced like maniacs (and the parents).

Hope you are having a twirling, dancing, laughing sort of summer also!!