Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving on Sunday

Nice after shot of the dinner table and Cory pushin' the wine!!
We got the girls all contained in the crib together... it was fun for about five minutes and then they escaped.

Check out our spattering of paint colors on the back wall... can't decide.
The gang!! It was seriously one of the best meals EVER. Cory can cook a heck of a turkey and the sides... of I luv me some sides.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dinner Routine

When it is dinner time or any meal time there is no multi-tasking. She wants you seated next to her during all meals. Makes sense. Nice to eat with a friend. Oh and often we are required to also wear a bib. She is in charge.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Activity

No trick or treating however she did have fun with candy. Hours of moving it from drawer to bag to pumpkin to hidden spots throughout the house.


Halloween candy is awesome. I gave her the bag of M&M's and told her to put them in the pumpkin from Aunt Sara. She then spent the rest of the evening moving the M&M's from the pumpkin, to the drawer, to the bag, to the coffee table, etc. I read almost an entire New Yorker Magazine while she did her 'work'. We will be finding candy for months I think.

Our little yellow jacket enjoyed her costume most of the night.
It was utter chaos with 8 adults and 4 kids dressed as a bumble bee, one pumpkin, a lion, a cookie monster that would not wear her costume and Ezra (7 weeks). We didn't quite get photos of everyone but had a blast.

ROAR says Lila the lion.
We briefly attempted a group shot which ended in fits so abandoned that idea.