Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camping Shots and a Stemming Tree

Jeff and I met in the mountains climbing and since having our daughter we have had to find new ways to enjoy the mountains. There are no 100 mile bike rides through the hills or summits over glaciers but with Elizabeth we are discovering new pacific northwest adventures. Hiking, gentle rolling hills pulling her in the burley and simply chilling at the campsite.
We are also learning the ways of campgrounds and the Westie campervan culture. Here are some Westie rules:
  • when passing another Westie on the road wave or better yet hand out the window with the peace sign
  • always say hello to other westie campers when setting up camp
  • important questions that are always asked... what year is yours? is it a standard or automatic? how many miles? No other topics are really discussed, just the status of your van. It is a new world.

Jeff and Eliz napping

She is napping on her daddy but hard to spot. See that little tuft of her pink jacket...
Just opening her eyes...
and waking.

Hiking - Olympic Peninsula

We headed out in the Westie to explore the Olympic Peninsula for five days. It is an amazing area with hikes in the rain forest...
and high alpine. Wish we were there now as Seattle is being hit with 100 degrees today and nobody has air conditioning. I think we will head out to the lake with the rest of the city.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Swimming is still a highlight

She still loves swimming and manages to sort of float on her back. Time at the pool results in exhaustion and good sleep which makes for happy happy parents.

Brunch at Maria's with Lila

The girls are so different. Alison and I are having so much fun watching them change. Lila is all over the place climbing stairs and just on the edge of walking. We can not believe they are almost a year old. CRAZY!