Friday, June 22, 2012

Live life and be kind

This week our dear friend Keely died which is hard to grasp because she was so full of life.  Just this past weekend she was visiting friends at the beach and having brunch with the gang.  She fought against using pain meds because she didn't want to be 'druged out' and miss anything.  Life was for living and damn if she wasn't going to live each moment that was left.  I have never seen anyone embrace life as she has.

Elizabeth knew her as the gal who always had candy.  She loved to see Keely walk in the door cause she knew chocolate and sweets were at hand.

Her sister Cory, mom Doris and husband Andy gave such a gift to her close friends by allowing us to share these final days and hours with them.  The end was as she would of liked.  There was laughter, kind gentle supportive love and of course good food and wine.

She worked so hard to prepare each of us for these next steps without her.  Be kind, be gentle and live the heck out of life!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Annual Anniversary photo

Every year we take a family photo on the beach where we were married.  We are happier today then we were six years ago.  I suppose that is the goal.  Life is good.





Friday, June 08, 2012

Ballet Performance

 Elizabeth has been in a ballet class this year and today was her end of year 'performance'.  Really they just placed chairs in the class room and parents were able to watch.  I am amazed with how her teacher keeps 10 kiddos focused and moving together for an hour.  To make it even more impressive she does this ALL day long.

 Parents were given the opportunity to also dance with the kids.  Jeff and Elizabeth weren't really doing any ballet and instead opted for a more improvisational style.

Of course there was a nice bow at the end.  The icing on the cake was the teacher gave each of the students a rose with a personal note.  I must have read that card to her 10 times today.

One quick unrelated comment about our day.  Due to my changing size I desperately needed to do some clothes shopping which I don't really enjoy at the best of times.  I told Elizabeth we were going to the mall for a bit.  "Whats the Mall" she asked.  Like I said I don't really shop much and never at the mall.
We get there and she was MESMERIZED!  She kept saying "It is so big.  Look how big it is and it is all connected."  She asked if Jeff knows about this place and then could not wait to tell him all about it this evening.
Don't worry, it is not like I am anti shopping.  She definitely knows all about REI.