Monday, June 23, 2014

Yu Chai Camping

 To celebrate the end of the school year we went out camping with our original school friends.   It was great to see Henry react to the arrival of Helena, Nicholas and Vivienne as they have become his real friends.  Years past he has just been the kid that we dragged along but this time he really did keep up with his friends.
We spent most of our time on the beach and the cooler temperatures did not sway our Pacific Northwest kids from getting in the water.  All they needed was blue sky.

 After a year of new friends, new school, new rules it was great to see this group of six kids just meld together.  They truly just run as a pack.  No one is excluded.  Not the one year old, three year olds or five year olds.  Just a pack of sweet friends.

One year down... make it slow down

 First day of school above.  Last day of Kindergarten below.
 It was a great year but it goes so fast now.  Her teacher was awesome and we are thrilled that she will have the same teacher again in first grade.  Woot for Ms. Koerner.  She met some great friends and really is happy with any play date.  She remains very concerned when any kid cries and is often a discussion at night.  She is a rule follower and desires for things to be fair... basically a little hall monitor.  Life is not always fair and she is learning this slowly.  An important lesson for sure.  She has met sweet little friends and is learning to navigate those group relationships. It has not always been easy and there has been some sadness although I do think she is learning to be quite resilient.  Another important lesson.  Lessons are hard.

She still does not eat lunch although I pack it everyday.  She is our slow eater and school lunch time does not allow for that mode.  She is no longer frightened of the lock down drills although I am.  She likes LASER and I am even told to get Henry first so she can have more time to finish craft activities.  I still have to wave and blow kisses at the window which may kill me when she no longer wants those. 

There was a little end of the year party with songs and performances by the kids.  Great having a teacher whose previous career was in the theatre.

 Elizabeth ran up to receive her Kindergarten congratulations/diploma with great enthusiasm.
And now we are in summer mode.  I am eager to have her with me a bit more and enjoy our time together as a family.  We have a few less camping trips this year and are focusing on together quiet time.  Much needed for this family.