Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kathryn comes!

Kathryn flew to Seattle on her 9th birthday by herself! We were all very excited to have her arrive and thrilled to know that she loved the solo flying. Were not sure what we would have done if it had gone badly as she was going to have to return in a few days.
They slept together in the bunk bed and the first night neither really slept well as both were beyond excited. I checked in on them at 11pm and found Kathryn asleep and Elizabeth just sitting awake. Around 3am Kathryn woke and colored for an hour or so before finally passing out again.
Kathryn loved reading to her at night and it was so cute watching them cuddled together. One morning while playing in the room they came upon the books that grandma recorded. They both sat together listening while Jeff and I teared up in the hallway.
We spent the next few days running them ragged and both passed out for naps and bedtime. There was a Purim fair with face painting, bouncy machines and crafts.

We also spent tons of time just playing around the house and yard although Kathryn deemed Seattle 'FREEZING'.
I hope these girls continue to find a friendship as the years pass. I love thinking of them together as adults sharing their lives.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Just a Day

She is just fun. She is our little buddy. She has funny things to say. We need to be better about recording this time as it is just sailing by so fast. We have also been slack about taking photos lately so today when the sun broke we headed out to capture the afternoon.
She still has fun ways of saying things.
Poop - poey poey
Beginning of something is referred as end (she just can't get this right but somehow uses 'end' appropriately)
Elizabes, basroom, kashleen - the 'th' is not happening

She has two imaginary friends. She doesn't really play with them but talks about them frequently. Alecea and Josie. Josie is a boy. We don't know anyone with these names. Just something she came up with in her little head. Often times she will report that Josie has taken something from her or has forgotten to share. She wants me to intervene. I remind her that she has a strong voice and can tell Josie herself.
My mom also had an imaginary friend whose name was Simra. I love that Elizabeth is following in her lead.
She has a couple of funny noises. When she eats something she really likes she will hum and hum and hum throughout the meal (my mom also did this).
Elizabeth also has what we call her 'thinking' noise. It is hard to describe but sort of like a blowing of air through her teeth. She makes this whenever she is concentrating or deeply involved in an activity. She has actually made both these noises since infancy. I hope they don't go away but I imagine it may get annoying to others when taking the SAT.
At the end of our photos today she then sat quietly and fed her baby for quite some time. As she will say "I am such a good little mommie". I hope I am also.