Monday, May 21, 2012

Little mommy in practice

 I realize that with Elizabeth's pregnancy we spent so much time dreaming about what she would be like, what we would be like as parents, how our lives would change, and preparing ourselves for taking care of a new little person.  Not to mention actually actively changing our lives to prepare for her (crib, childbirth classes, new baby room, new jobs to support child, etc).
This pregnancy is vastly different because we view it now through her eyes.  How is she going to change with a sibling, is she excited and are we preparing her well enough for this new little person.  Well she is EXCITED.  She loves breast feeding her babies and you can often find a doll shoved under her shirt.  "My belly is getting biiiggg"  she will say.
She will grab my belly and tell the baby what ever might be happening at the moment "I'm all wet from the shower, can you smell my hair?"... "Can you see my new pretty dress!!".  She drags this breast feeding pillow throughout the house just in case her baby gets hungry.  She is fun!


Spring has sprung and camping has begun.  We actually had SEVEN weekends in a row with NO rain.  We went to Leavenworth for a long weekend of camping.  It is a  place where previously we have done tons of climbing and returning there always makes us a bit nostalgic for those times.  
 We did manage some hiking despite each of us carrying a kid.  Elizabeth even hiked about an hour of it her own which is great at three years old.
 It is fun to hear her thoughts about camping and nature.  She told us that the loud river sounds like buffalos.  She points out the deciduous versus conifer trees and loves to carry a pocket full of rocks, sticks, pine cones.  As she leaves the trail she will empty out our pockets full of treasures cause 'we have to leave it for the next hiker to enjoy'.

Today the rain returned but I'm not complaining.  The great weather has allowed early camping trips and constant playing outdoors.

Monday, May 07, 2012

I have a great job!

Those who don't work in pediatric oncology often comment 'Isn't it so sad' No... 'How do you work there?' because these little people are larger in all ways than most adults I've known.

Well it is not always sad and this video is why I work there.  Are ya jealous of my job now??  You should be cause these kids rock!  Not to mention the awesome staff who might need some dance lessons though. HA!