Monday, April 26, 2010

Ballard Farmers Market

Sunday farmers market, guitar strumming music, a sesame bread stick and a curb to squat on... life is good.

Worked the Grandparents like Dogs...

Grandparents came to visit and we worked them like dogs building a garden, moving furniture, planting a ton of flowers and even managing to escape on some solo bike rides (dreamy).
Mom, of course, was in charge of Elizabeth or really lets be honest here... Elizabeth was in charge of Grandma. While dirt was moved and beds were raised Grandma and Eliz watched from the perch on the front stoop. I'm not sure who was happier.
We did allow a break for Sunday Church... off they go.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Chinese Yes... English No

Elizabeth now attends 'school', aka daycare, three days a week while I work. Lucky for us she is LOVING it all. It is a small little daycare with about 10 kids in a neighbors home about a mile from the house. The owner is Chinese and speaks to the kids in mostly Chinese.
This past week I go to pick her up and Gui says something to Elizabeth in Chinese. Elizabeth listens, stops what she is doing and puts away her toys. Gui tell me 'I told her it was clean up time. She is doing so good with understanding Chinese. She is such a good girl'.
The next day, after destroying our living room, I tell Elizabeth it is time to clean up and put away our toys. She immediately lays down on the floor in complete hysterics.
Moral of the story... I need to learn Chinese??

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Messy Faces from painting and blueberries

We sure hope the curls stay!!


Jeff did an amazing job for Passover this year. I was out of town with a girlfriend in San Fran the weekend prior so Jeff planned the menu, bought everything, arranged activities for the kids and with his mom cooked all the food. Was great to have Linda and Berryl in town. Also loved having Lynn, Sam and Anneka over for their first Passover.

I lost my seat early on to Elizabeth however she sat still so it was waaayy worth taking the floor.
The girls finally had enough of the table and eventually just gave up all together.