Saturday, December 29, 2012


We were eating dinner in the great room of the lodge this past week while in the mountains.  Elizabeth and I were playing a game of cards and Jeff had run upstairs for a moment.  All of a sudden Elizabeth leans over the back of the sofa and points at an elegant elderly woman leaving the dining room.  I tried to grab her as I knew what she was about to say but with Henry in my arms I was not quick enough.  Elizabeth happily announces, loud enough for all to hear, 'look momma she gets to dress like a pirate!!!'.  This elegant woman was wearing a patch on her eye.  All turned to look and I slowly died inside.  Sigh.
We spent the next few days talking about how we don't point at people or make announcements about others appearances.  She really tried to process all of this and asked some great questions including 'Momma when we were at the store it was good to tell the lady her hair was pretty but I can't say that about the pirate lady?'

Sometimes these things are hard to explain.  We have just left it at no pointing and comments are said quietly to mom first.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Video of School Performance

I just love her little school!!

School Performance

 Last weekend Elizabeth had her school performance which was beyond sweet.  Jacob and Vivianne (to her right) are her dearest friends which makes sense since she spends so much time with them each week.  She talks about them constantly.
 She was beyond excited to perform all her songs and did not disappoint.  She was very animated, cheering and jumping with excitement throughout.  Of course everything was in Mandarin so I have no clue what they were actually saying.  I'll try to get some videos up soon as it was quite sweet.
 Henry spent the majority of the time just chillaxin.
 She is a goof!!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

45 years and some random photos from Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving weekend was also my parents 45th wedding anniversary.  Mom would have loved this little boy!  She was always a sucker for babies.  
I think Elizabeth has developed Grandma's love for babies.  She just loves lugging her little brother around.

 She is also taking off on her bike lately.  She was tearing down some hills and completely comfortable off roading.  I think a pedal bike is in her future.


 We had a lovely at home Thanksgiving weekend.  Had the traditional meal with our usual family of choice.  Keely was missed for sure.

 Cory again made the best turkey and I don't usually like turkey.  Although the gravy is the masterpiece.
 The girls,  Elizabeth and Lila, ran around like nut jobs.  Henry accommodated us by taking a long nap so we could enjoy the festivities.
 We played games.  Drank a lot of amazing wine thanks to Ave.    I love these friends of ours!!