Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just another camping trip

I can not believe how much has changed since our camping trips last year.  
This little man is now out and about and no longer just in my arms.

 Headed out with the same gang but now the kids are free to roam.  Well all except Henry.  He does require some supervision.  This little bicycle gang would just take off on their own.

And Then She Was 6

She truly had a birthday month and the gift she asked for was a trip up in the space needle.  It was also my first journey.  Not Jeff's as his first year here he actually had a seasons pass which still makes me laugh.

 It was quite anticlimactic and once up there and she was ready to come back down immediately.  Not out of fright just boredom.  Oh well.
 One day I also dropped Henry off and Elizabeth and I spent the day together.  We joined up with Lila and went to this crazy trampoline center.  So amazing that these girls are only four days apart in age.  They don't see each other as often, which is poor planning by Alison and myself, but when together they are still so connected.
 This year I finally caved and let her have a  'real birthday party with no other grown ups allowed' as she requested. 
 She invited mostly kids from her school and I found the whole thing quite stressful which I know is ridiculous.  They really had an absolute blast and it was easy.
 We had games in the yard, they jumped on the trampoline and ran around like crazy kids should.

 The winner event was the cupcake decorating.  I made boxed cupcakes, bought horrible chemical filled frosting in colors not found in nature, sugary sprinkles and candy eyes.  They each got a few to decorate and LOVED every minute.  Not a very Seattle 'take care of your body' or 'earth friendly' event but they LOVED it.
 We can not stand how fast it is going.  Her favorite days are still the days with just family and we know that will end as it should.  Until then we will continue to cherish this time.

Monday, August 11, 2014

And then he was TWO

 He walks around announcing "Enri two" as he holds up all five fingers with a raging grin.  He gives hugs with his whole body.  Face in my neck, arms around me and body just snug.  He will randomly come up to me, grab my face and give me a kiss.  He is known to just smile and laugh when disciplined.  It is so super adorable that it takes all my strength to not just grab and hug him.   He loves trucks, diggers and construction sites which we visit frequently.  He loves to nurse... still.  He loves helping me in the garden, getting dirty and being outside. 

 She is such a little helper.  The only problem is she super enjoys telling him what to do and he does NOT like to be told.  Our house runs best when he is willing to be commanded.  Then there are the times he needs help, he lets he help and then there is peace.  Those moments do happen.

 I went to his school birthday party.   He was so happy to see me and then lost it when I left.  He didn't understand that it was still the middle of the day.  Gui just swept him up, he cuddled in and then was fine to say goodbye as long as he was in her arms.  Warms my heart.
 Ran out to buy cupcakes after work as Elizabeth looked at me asking what kind of cake we would have.  I don't really like cake.  Henry does not like cake.  However a birthday means cake so we made it go.  He was excited for the candle.