Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer has ended

It was just two weeks ago and we were reading night time books in the hammock. Summer is slowly ending and Elizabeth is slooowwlly giving up the hammock. For a few nights we were just turning pages and telling stories as there was not enough light to read or see the pictures. She didn't mind one bit. As I'm typing Jeff is now reading her books in bed. Summer is over.

As Elizabeth says... 'bye bye summer, see ya next time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pops and the garden

Pops came to visit this past week and we are now a bit lost without him. Last night Jeff and I tried to decide what was the best meal. Was it the scallops, the crab stuffed shrimp, mushroom stuffed pork chops, or homemade curry chicken salad. Basically we are bad people and totally take advantage of my father. He cooked, he folded laundry and most of all he planted a truck load of plants. I mean a truck load. We are revamping our backyard and he was out there for three days straight.

This is what some were doing while the rest were digging holes and planting over 100 plants.

Well I do know one thing we don't miss... Pops doing Elizabeth's hair. You can't tell here but he put about 8 clips in and they both thought it was hysterical.

Tonight we just finished the left overs. We may starve now. Come back Pops!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Does anyone out there have a G rated video about poop?

For two months we have been telling Elizabeth that when she turns three she will wear big girl panties. We planned our summer of camping leaving Labor Day free for this exciting event. Well this little girl right here has been a rock star. Now I don't want to say that we are done but three days in and we have yet to have any accidents, she loves her panties and is thrilled with the potty. Not bad.

We have a little potty video that she has been able to watch and loves it. There are songs about going potty and a skit with a princess that uses the potty. I think the princess is what convinced her that the potty was ok.

So for her reward for using the potty she wants... wait for it... a video of kids going poop. She is very specific that she does not want the video to talk about pee. She wants poop. I've looked at Amazon and unfortunately also on youtube where I encountered VERY unfortunate videos. So does anyone out there have G rated video about poop?