Sunday, June 26, 2011

Solstice Block Party

Summer solstice is a much celebrated occasion in Seattle as we all are praying to any God that will listen to please send us some sun. One of our neighbors is quite the organizer and we shut down the street frequently for parties. This year the solstice party had a hot dog cart, kegs of beer, tons of water guns, 135 folks came with donations for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the guest of honor was actually the sun. There is hope that nicer weather is on its way.

Elizabeth found a group of older girls and subsequently stayed put the rest of the night. The tween girls just doted over her and she was treated like quite a princess. We were then able to enjoy actual adult conversations with our neighbors.

Elizabeth keeps asking since then 'Is today a no car day so we can play in the street?'

Monday, June 13, 2011

It has been easyish to tell people in person but for some reason very difficult to write down but since so many people have been asking, sending well wishes and prayers I know I must share with my friends that my mom died on June 2nd. As was so beautifully said by another... 'Henriette, we hope your first week in Heaven was more splendid than you ever imagined! And we imagine that Heaven is even a bit more splendid since you arrived.'

Despite the sadness I am well aware that we as a family are just so blessed!