Thursday, January 01, 2015


We ventured to the mountain house joined by friends and Auntie Laurla.  The trip was skiing, laughing, reading, sledding, laughing, games and repeat.  Henry and Laurla both had their first time skiing.

Elizabeth spent at least 45 minutes reading every afternoon after her outdoor adventures.  It was super cute when she cuddled up with Jakob, her friend from daycare days. 

We are now reading Charlotte's Web together and next on the docket is Little House on the Prairie.  So fun to read books I loved as a child.
We built a snow kitchen/house which will be fun to add to as we head out there every few weeks.  The Connolly's built a sledding hill/luge that was terrifying.  Elizabeth spent three days getting up the nerve to finally go down.  Luckily she had fun and was not injured.

I was a bit worried about keeping everyone warm as the temperatures dipped to 4 degrees but with enough layers we all managed to be out for hours at a time.  Hot chocolate was needed for sure and the working sauna in the house was a JOY.

Put strap on skis on Henry.  At first he was quite unsure but then just loved it.  Basically he saw his sister take off and was NOT going to be left behind.  We were holding his hand for a while and then he just toke off saying 'no touch I do it by myself'.
Sometimes he has the usual 2yo melt downs.  He can have some epic fits and most annoyingly believes that no one should sleep past 5 am. 
Then he gives his adorable side ways look of love and you can forgive the daily 5am wake ups.

Auntie Laurla did the luge the most and loved it.  Not sure she would say the same thing about skiing but she was a trooper trying it all.  We miss her so much already.  Henry woke this morning asking about her and then went to the guest room looking for her.