Monday, November 19, 2012

Hodge Podge of Stuff

 We again made it to Breitenbush with the Corvalis crew.  Breitenbush is this rustic lodge based around the most divine hot springs in Oregon.  We didn't take many photos this year as Carolina and I were both holding our new babes most the time.  Our girls are months apart as are our new boys.  Of course we don't ever forget about Oscar who stands proudly in the middle.

Elizabeth and Lucia just started right where they left off.  When we were leaving Elizabeth said "Momma I'm sad to say bye to Lucia cause I love she.  Why can't she live close so we can have play dates all the days".

 Don't you love this hat that Carolina knitted.  We have been blessed with so many great handmade gifts for our little man.  Will add this to the keepsakes for him.

Below are just a few photos of my loves as requested by Auntie Laurla.  Hope it heals X

 Once again, doesn't it look like he is saying "Mom I think she might drop me!!"