Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Best Thanksgiving Ever

For Thanksgiving this year we rented a 'cabin' on a lake up north with Sam, Lynn and Anneka. It was the best get away every. The girls have a blast together and spent much of their time in tutus dancing.
The bunk beds were a hit and provided much entertainment. That is until we heard Elizabeth screaming 'Daddy Daddy'. I come running in and she is hanging from the side. Poor Anneka was cowering in the corner in fear. Elizabeth then followed the new parental rule of only climbing the ladder with mommy or daddy there.
More dancing...
Once the snow melted we ventured out for some hikes.
The snow was a hit. The parentals enjoyed and kids enjoyed trash bag sledding.
Biking was even sort of possible.
Elizabeth managed a turn or two on this mega trike we found in the garage.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebrated Maeve last night and woke up to snow

Last night we celebrated Shauna and her daughter Maeve at their house. It was an Ethiopian smorgasbord. There were tons of kids and Elizabeth found her quieter corners to stockpile food and random dolls. She definitely doesn't like to get in the middle of it all but she can hold her own.

We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow on the car with none on the ground. By 730am things changed and it was a winter wonderland. Elizabeth's comment was 'look momma it is snowmaning'.
In the morning we walked to the market and library but Elizabeth was not sure about playing in the snow. After nap time she had a change of heart and we were out in it until I couldn't feel my toes. We love snow now.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soy Sauce with Rice

Untitled from kathleen mcgregor on Vimeo.

'Family of Choice' Thanksgiving

For eleven years this group has been gathering for Thanksgiving in one form or another. The tradition dictates that we never meet on the actual day as many have to work for the holiday. There have been additions of new friends, family, husbands and kids. The hangovers, for most, are less intense the next day but the food remains amazing.
This year we gathered at Cory's swanky new condo and utilized their large meeting area. This allowed much room for the youngin's and not so youngin's to run, play and dance. The plan was to take the kids for a dip in the pool however after Gil's spectacular chocolate pecan tart nobody was willing to dawn a swim suit however one little girl did some great running around with a bag on her head while her mom was a turkey head.
Elizabeth and Lila were busy busy and allowed grown ups to actually sit, drink wine and enjoy a real conversation.
What you see here (below) is the two naughtiest girls. Keely looks innocent as does Elizabeth but neither can be trusted. We love them both but nope don't trust them a bit.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anneka's Birthday

When Elizabeth heard we were going to a birthday party she kept saying 'me go cake party'. Funny to think that just this June she wouldn't tough cake and now it is the hit.
Anneka was so cute. She was a little host offering drinks to the kids and thanking everyone for their gifts. Such a big girl! I love that Lynn and I have our girls to raise together. They just love spending time together.
With our new camera it takes photos FAST. It catches some great shots but also some very amusing ones. Is it just me or does she look like a little chipmunk devouring the cake.
Elizabeth was thrilled to see Alice again and they loved sitting together sharing toys.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Some days I remember how blessed I am

Not all days are care free but we are so blessed that most are. My prayer each night for Elizabeth is to grow up with a healthy body, a healthy mind and a happy soul. We are so blessed that life is just a fun swing at the park.

Me Happy Girl

She is a pistol. When upset she will say 'me no happy girl, me no want happy girl'. Her other line is 'me no say no thank you, me no like no thank you' which is often declared in response to our request for a polite 'no thank you' instead of the 'NO NO'.

I have to say that she really is an easy kiddo most of the time and my angst is often linked to my frustration with preconceived expectations. Sometimes she just doesn't want to do what we had in mind. Imagine that she has her own will and wants to assert her desires. You go girl!

Today on the way home from school while singing 'Sunny Day' aka the theme to Sesame Street she stops and says 'me a happy girl momma' and really most of the time she is such an amazingly happy girl. If I just had a bit of notice to when 'me no want happy girl'.