Sunday, July 27, 2014

Forced Family Fun 2014

We have just returned from a family trip in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. We didn't get home until 1130pm west coast time and somehow E and H managed to rise at 430am and 6am.  Sigh!  Despite our exhaustion it was FUN.  These annual trips were dubbed by Auntie Laura as Forced Family Fun.  Mostly fun but I think we are all fine to admit that at times the smiles might be just a bit forced.  Oh the love of a family.  Nothing beats it!

This year we had a house right on a lake with a great beach and access to a kayak just out the back door.  The proximity was perfection.  Even led to a few after dinner impromptu fully clothed swim sessions.  Elizabeth started the summer as a still cautious swimmer but by the end of this week was doing head stands under water and swimming the length of the pool. This was actually a dare from James which earned her his serving of pie at dinner.

 During the day we all go in various directions.  Some together, some times separate depending on ages and interests.  A highlight this trip was the paddle boarding and kayaking.  I think the paddle boarders spent more time in the water than on the board which was partially caused by our attempts to leap from one board to another.  Not easy!  At night we all come together for dinner as is the tradition.  Nothing fancy but lots of laughs and recounting our favorite times of the day.

Henry spent much of the vacation identifying all the relatives.  He had a lot of folks to keep track of and roll call was complicated at times.  I think his most interesting subject was James... better known of teeth.  James's braces were a fascinating addition and anytime Henry saw James he would just say 'teeth' with a big old smile.  He knew it was funny.

 Our holiday spot actually was quite close to Jeff's childhood summer camp, Pinemere.  He spent seven summers of his youth at this camp and we spent a morning visiting.
 It was quite surreal for him to have his kids and family walking through the bunk houses of his youth.

Some of the adult leaders at the camp actually remembered Jeff and were his camp mates back in the day.  Fun to see them recount stories.

 We toasted our last night celebrating that there were no melt downs from either the kids OR the adults.  Success as far as we are concerned.

 Till next time!

Friday, July 18, 2014

4th of July

We managed another summer escape with Anneka and Malcolm... oh and their parents came along also.

 Rented a house in the mountains with access to a pool AND a lake.  Not sure much else is needed really.  There were bike rides and runs and cocktails and good food and little sleeping in due to two naughty but awful cute boys.
 The girls were off doing their own thing and we really didn't see much of either of them.  Malcolm and Henry are still figuring it all out.  What I mean by that is they want what the other has and have not quite figured out the playing together thing.  They have mastered the grab it and run and scream though.
At one point we looked at getting some land in this area as it is just a couple hours from Seattle.  It is full of vacation cabins/homes within a gorgeous setting but the culture here is not quite us.  Every garage and house we passed had multiple ATV, snowmobiles, four wheeler off road devices and someone was always tuning and reeving the engine of some off road vehicle.  We prefer the self propulsion method in the mountains.  It was prefect for a long weekend though.

 There was a band by the pool one night which explains the pictures here.  Lynn and I are not just crazy we are dancing.  Most were quite jealous of our moves.  HA!

Below is a brief moment where the boys managed to actually share the stroller.  Will be fun to see where they are next year in this 'friendship'.

Annual Anniversary Picture

 A bit past our anniversary but got the shot finally.  It was a silly photo day for sure.

 Just a few extra of the kids at home being sweet in the sun.  We have been in the 90's for a week.  Spent the entire past weekend at the lake.  I had been craving more outdoor pools in Seattle but after this weekend at the lake I think we are good.  Elizabeth loved swimming.  Henry loved splashing.  Each day and evening we either ran into or hooked up with friends at the beaches.  Love living surrounded by water especially on these warm summer days.

Friday, July 11, 2014


What is going on in our house.  Well nothing quickly.  Henry walks around all day saying "Henry do do, Henry do do!"  And what does this mean.  Well it means Henry puts on his shoes, Henry buckles his car seat, Henry puts on his garden gloves, Henry opens the door, Henry closes the door, Henry crawls in his car seat, Henry carries the cups and Henry DOES IT! 

We don't get out the door very quickly these days. 
 There has been a celebration of  popsicle in our house.  This is cause there is less ice cream.  Did you know there is eggs in ice cream?  Well there is and he is following suite with his sister.  No eggs, no peanuts and newly discovered no Kiwi. 

The first couple weeks into the summer break were a lot for Elizabeth.  She had grown accustomed to the weekly routine, her friends and her beloved teacher.  Popsicle have helped.
 We are exhausted with summer fun activities.  We live for this time of year and at this point sleep is for the weak.  Sun doesn't set until well after 930pm so why sleep.  And it rises around 5am so Henry is up and at um.