Monday, April 23, 2012

Life has been busy and we have been focused on enjoying this busy life and have not blogged or really taken many photos.  
Elizabeth's language and imagination have exploded.  She will literally spend thirty minutes telling us a tale within her world of imagination.  I don't even know where she comes up with some of the vocabulary she uses.  
We are partially to blame for her whacked out mind bending tales.  Each night we read three books and tell two stories.  Originally these stories were summaries of days past or days to come but have now evolved to what she calls 'stories I have not heard in a whhhilllle'.  This means a made up, silly story that is outrageous and funny.  I tell you it is a challenge to come up with two new stories EVERY NIGHT.  Every once in a while you are allowed to repeat one that she particularly likes but that is not often.  
Below are a few photos we have managed to take the past month of so....
She still cuddles.  Thank goodness.
41st Birthday celebration back east.

Riggor... the only dog Elizabeth likes.  Mostly cause Riggor does not lick.  Fair enough.

This is her performing a 10 minute song and dance routine for relatives.  It was only 10 minutes cause I cut her short