Monday, December 27, 2010

Someone had too much eggnog last night...

Christmas morning we went for a run and about 2 blocks from the house Elizabeth has us pull up the stroller blanket and she immediately went into a comma. Keep in mind this is not a kid that sleeps through things but I picked her up out of the stroller, carried her into the house, laid her down on the sofa, unzipped her coat, went and got the camera and snapped some shots. We then talked to her, rubbed her cheek and nothing.
Passed out sleeping child on the sofa means Mimosa time for the grown ups....

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Maui Wowie

Well we are back in Seattle now enjoying a delightful Christmas Eve with friends and our little family. Maui was great but home is just the best even in the rain.
Each night I say a little prayer to Elizabeth and I send it your way as a blessing for your holidays and for 2011:
'May you have a healthy body, a healthy mind and a happy soul'.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

School Performance

Elizabeth with one of her school friends.

School Party from kathleen mcgregor on Vimeo.

Elizabeth had her school party. She did great with her performance. There is really nothing Elizabeth enjoys more than singing and dancing. We have dance party at our house almost every night. Her teachers often comment that Elizabeth is the most enthusiastic performer during singing circle time. She is often at home doing various hand motions and singing away in Chinese. I'm telling you it is quite something to sit in your house with your white Jewish toddler and watch her sing Chinese songs.
As is her more timid personality she was initially quite nervous to join the rest of the kids in the circle with all these parents watching. Many other kiddos were not quite willing. Elizabeth was clinging to me. I then told her to just go sit with Gui, her teacher. That is all it toke. She feels safe, secure and loved by her teachers and doesn't need my lap if they are close. We are thrilled that she is so loved when we are at work.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Yep we are the sort that photographed the first hair cut

Now that hat season has descended Elizabeth is in dire need for a hair cut. Per her usual MO she was initially traumatized but quickly rallied once she realized the joy of the yellow car and the many pretty pink ponies to play with. Twenty dollars later she looks about the same. Perhaps a bit less frizzy.